Friday, October 23, 2009

These were an experiment for a show
recently. I liked the feel of them and the panel
they are painted on. My daughter's shoes...
have alot of my kids shoes....there were alot of
feet that wore all of them...
hand me to try and paint them.

I like how these pink shoes turned out. They
are actually painted on a piece of left over siding
from my addition. Composite material that is smooth.
Then the panel the piece is mounted on has been
treated to look like a chalk board...and then I drew on it
with chalk. The whole thing reminds me of so many
aspects of childhood.

These are some antique shoes an antique dealer
I used to babysit for gave me as a present.
I have had them since I was 15 and finally got
around to their purpose. They will teach me alot
about painting and they are fun to draw!

Riley's shoes....from a life time ago. He now wears
size 13/14....HUGE feet...from such a cute little boy....

This last one is a collage on top of an old oil painting
done several years ago. It was fun to build the image into
something different with papers and textures.