Saturday, April 07, 2007

This one is pretty intense with the burnt sienna...


Painting blue jeans is alot of fun...not that anyone cares...but it is very satisfying...especially if you like the color blue.


Ryan Evans said...

I like the sense of movement you got in the Jeans painting- nice and loose


Jason Waskey said...

I hate painting jeans.

Getting the color to work right feels like a monumental struggle.

Nice work on all the posts on this page! I especially love your drawings.


Jason Waskey

Melissa said...

These men look delicious! I am recently divorced and recently returning to drawing and painting. Is there an open studio I can attend and draw men like this? LOVED the blue jeans. Loved without the blue jeans more. ;)
Beautiful! i LOVE THE MALE PHYSIQUE in art. We need more of it in this MALE DOMINATED world where you only see women all day! PAINTING. DRAWING! I LOVE IT and miss it terribly!